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Latest Ferroalloy market development trend
The Latest Ferro silicon market development trend
Due to the COVID-19 newly increased  in Henan province and Tianjin city, There has spot shortages and logistics difficulties, as well as the increase in the price of semi-coke ,More over the Chinese Lunar New Year is near, logistics, transportation and production will be suspended for a week ,All the factors all result in ferro silicon price raising . 

During the pandemic, We surely know customers must be most concerned about our production status.  At present, the factory is fully stocked with goods, and the warehouse has prepared enough raw materials for  FeSi 72/75 in advance. After normal resumption of work, Ferro silicon production will be vigorously carried out, and customers' orders will be delivered as scheduled.  
About COVID situation , We have got biggest support and strong control by our great country and Gov. behind us , So we believe we will defeat the virus soon . 
Winter is moving away from us , Spring season will come soon .