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Precautions for disinfection of 2019-nCoV


To go out:
1. Wear a disposable mask correctly
2. It is recommended to walk, ride a bike or ride in a private car. If you must take public transport, wear a mask at all times and try to avoid touching things on the car with your hands.
3. Keep a distance of more than one meter between people.
4. Many people wear masks when they work.
Wash your hands and drink plenty of water.

1. Wash your hands frequently
2. Take temperature over 37.2 degrees Celsius, observe and rest at home, and see a doctor when necessary.
3. The room is ventilated three times a day for 20-30 minutes each time. Please keep warm when it is ventilated.
4. Disinfect items like your phone keys with 75% alcohol when you get home.

Attention: do not take off the mask when going out, do not have clean hands, do not touch the eyes, pay attention to improve the body immunity.


Chlorinated disinfection powder:

Disinfection method:
Air and object surface: often open the window ventilation, environmental object surface can contain effective chlorine 1000mg/ l-2000mg /L disinfectant, indoor air, environmental object surface for spray disinfection.

Matching method:
Mix 40g of chlorinated disinfectant with 20-40 litres of water.
Disinfection time:
Twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.Frequently contact object surface (such as door handle, stair handrail, etc.) can be at any time with 1000mg/L solution wipe.

Proportioning notes:
1. When the ratio of solution, spray when the protection, use and match.
2. When spraying, close the door and close the window for 30 minutes. Open the window for 30 minutes for ventilation.

Scope of use: apply to complete skin and general object surface disinfection

1. Complete skin disinfection, rub the skin with the original solution, act for 1 minute.
2. Object surface disinfection, with the original solution to wipe the object surface, action for 3 minutes.