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Ferrosilicon Inoculant

Ferrosilicon inoculant is a metallurgical charge developed for casting, which can save production costs and is a very important additive in casting.

Brand Name: XLS Metals
Place of Origin: Henan, China
Shape: Grain
Chemical Composition: Si, Ba, Ca, Al
Size: 0mm~~5mm, 5~10mm, 10~15mm
Package: Ton bag or customized according to customer requirements
Product Introduction

What is the Ferrosilicon Inoculant?

Ferrosilicon inoculant is a granular charge additive made of ferrosilicon as raw material and formed through a series of processing such as crushing and sieving. Its chemical composition is mainly composed of Si, Ba, Ca, Al and other trace elements. According to the silicon content in ferrosilicon inoculant, it can be divided into several grades, in the actual use of scenarios, users can choose the correct grade of ferrosilicon inoculant according to demand, so as not to cause irreparable losses.

Ferrosilicon Inoculant Ferrosilicon Inoculant

Processing Of Ferrosilicon Inoculant

  • 1. Select high grade ferro silicon lumps.
  • 2. Preliminary crushing of ferro-silicon briquettes.
  • 3. Screening those that meet the requirements will go to the next crushing step, and those that fail will go through the first crushing step again.
  • 4. Manually inspect the ferrosilicon inoculant that passes the second processing step, including chemical content, size, shape, etc.
  • 5. Packing.

The Specification Of Ferrosilicon Inoculant

Specifications Ferrosilicon Inoculant
Brand Chemical Composition (%)
Si Al Ca P S C Fe
FeSi75 75 1.5 1 0.035 0.02 0.2 Balance
FeSi72 72 1.5 1 0.04 0.02 0.2 Balance
FeSi70 70 1.5 1 0.04 0.02 0.2 Balance
FeSi65 65 2 1 0.04 0.02 0.2 Balance
Size 10-50mm, 0-3mm, 1-3mm, 0-10mm or as your requirement

Usage Of Ferrosilicon Inoculant

  • 1. Ferrosilicon inoculant is suitable for gray casting and inoculation treatment of ductile iron to refine graphite and reduce whiteness.
  • 2. Ferrosilicon inoculant can form nuclei in a wide range of temperatures and has strong spheroidization and recession resistance, which can effectively prevent the cold state tendency of castings.
  • 3. Ferrosilicon inoculant can be added to the iron during the casting process to promote the flow properties of the iron and reduce the occurrence of clogging of the water outlet.

Advantage Of Ferrosilicon Inoculant

  • 1. Reduce the amount of inoculant.
  • 2. Improve casting density and casting quality.
  • 3. Improve the distribution of graphite, optimize the performance of graphite casting.
  • 4. Effectively reduce casting cost and improve manufacturer's efficiency.
  • 5. easy to operate and store.
  • 6. We provide full guidance on the use of ferrosilicon inoculant, and 24X7X365 online service.

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