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Slag Blocking Ball

Slag blocking balls can block the dross from entering the steel during steel making, effectively improving steel quality.

Brand Name: XLS Metals
Place of Origin: Henan, China
Shape: Ball
Chemical Composition: MGO+Al2O3
Size: Diameter 150-300 mm
Package: Ton bag or customized according to customer requirements
Product Introduction

What Is Slag Blocking Ball?

Slag blocking ball is a kind of spherical or gyroscopic refractory material, which is widely used to block the floating slag from entering the steel in the process of steel making, and greatly improve the purity of steel and steel quality. The working temperature of the slag-blocking ball is 1770℃-2000℃, and its chemical composition is MGO+Al2O3. most of the slag-blocking balls are 150 mm-300 mm in diameter and have grooves on the surface, which can effectively block the slag at the water outlet.

Working Principle Of Slag Blocking Ball

In the process of the steelmaking converter, it is necessary to filter the floating slag to improve the steel purity. Slag blocking the ball with a small diameter guide bar, with 3 grooves, and 6 angles, can effectively destroy the steel vortex, reduce the vortex roll slag, and has a dual function of slag blocking, and inhibiting vortex. Because of the difference between the density of the slag-blocking ball itself and the steel and slag layer, it can be placed between the two, to achieve the purpose of blocking the floating slag. Moreover, the slag-blocking ball can float on the surface of the slag and gradually block the steel outlet along with the process of steel discharge.

How to choose the slag blocking ball?

The correct choice of slag ball can effectively improve the purity of the steel. The density of the slag blocking ball is particularly important to the slag blocking effect, if the density of the slag blocking ball is too small, it will float on the surface of the steel in the process of blocking slag and cannot play a slag blocking effect. If the density is too large, it will cause the outlet to be blocked prematurely, thus prolonging the time for steel production. Due to its light top and heavy bottom structure and the basic principle of automatic positioning of the gyroscopic shape, the guide bar sunk deep into the steel will automatically and accurately pull the gyroscopic slag blocking device to the steel outlet through the traction guidance of the steel flowing to the outlet, thus avoiding the phenomenon of drifting or being stuck by the slag and not in place. The gyro-shaped part is suspended on the interface between the steel and slag, when the steel flows out, the gyro-shaped part blocks the steel outlet in time, thus preventing the slag from flowing into the ladle. Because of the groove on the gyro body, to achieve the inhibition of eddy flow, and when the slag stopper body blocked the steel outlet, the residual steel can still flow through the groove into the ladle, so improve the steel collection rate.

Advantages Of Our Slag Blocking Ball

  • 1. Simple operation.

    During the steel making process, block the steel outlet with the slag blocking ball, and the slag will fall off automatically when pouring the steel.

  • 2. Safety and environmental protection.

    Slag blocking ball can ensure that the steel wire faucet not fire, not smoke, not overflow, safe and environmentally friendly.

  • 3. A variety of models and sizes of slag blocking balls can be selected: diameter: 150mm-300mm

Specification Of Slag Blocking Ball

Item Index
MgO+Al2O3(%) ≥75
Compression Strength(MPa) ≥20
Density(g/cm3) 4.0-4.2
Temperature 1750ºC
Note: specification of the slag stopping ball can be custom-made.  

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