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Ferrosilicon Briquette Are Exported To Indonesia

We found this Indonesian company through the Google website and got the contact information of the procurement department through the phone call. We successfully established contact with their company. This company mainly produces steel products, so ferrosilicon products will be used in the production process.

Ferrosilicon Briquette Are Exported To Indonesia

Because this is the first transaction, the customer has some concerns about the quality. In order to let customers have a more intuitive understanding of our production process and product quality, we actively invite Indonesian customers to visit our factory. During the factory visit, we showed our customers our production line, especially the production process of ferrosilicon briquettes. Our production process has been strictly controlled, and every detail reflects our ultimate pursuit of product quality.

In addition to demonstrating our production capabilities, we also introduced our customers to our quality certification and production processes. Our products are certified to international standards and meet industry standards, which has earned us the trust of our customers. The customer highly appreciated the quality of our products and production process, and expressed their willingness to establish long-term cooperation with us.

When the customer returned to Indonesia, he immediately contacted us and decided to buy our ferrosilicon briquettes. Specific order details are as follows:

  1. - Product name: Ferrosilicon briquette
  2. - Specification: 72
  3. - Size: 50-100 mm
  4. - Packing: In large bags
  5. - Quantity: 50 tons
  6. - CIF xxxx: usdxxxx /MT

In the end, we successfully reached a cooperation agreement, and the Indonesian company decided to purchase our ferrosilicon briquette products. We delivered the products on time according to the agreed delivery time, and the customer was very satisfied with the product quality and delivery service after receiving the goods.

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