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Sale of High Carbon Silicon to Vietnam

In international trade, effective communication with customers is the key to a successful partnership. Anyang Xin Long Sen Metallurgical Materials Co., Ltd. actively seeks potential customers and establishes contacts with Vietnamese customers through various channels. Initial communication with customers, including email and phone calls, focused on the company's product features, quality assurance and service commitments. Subsequently, we arranged an online video conference to communicate with our customers face to face, listen to their needs, and give them detailed information about our product specifications, production processes and technical support. Through these communications, we have established a good foundation of trust and cooperation with our customers.

Sale of High Carbon Silicon to Vietnam

After in-depth communication and negotiation between the two sides, the Vietnamese customer decided to purchase high-carbon silicon 65/15 products produced by Anyang Xin Long Sen Metallurgical Materials Co., LTD. High-carbon silicon 65 is a high-quality metallurgical material with excellent chemical composition and stable properties. Our high-carbon silicon 65 products go through a precision production process, and the silicon content is controlled within a strict target range to ensure product stability and reliability. In addition, our products have also passed the international standard certification, in line with industry standards, to provide customers with reliable protection. Finally, the customer placed an order in our company, the specific order is as follows:

Order Details:

  • Product requirements: High carbon silicon 65/15
  • Specifications: Si=65、C=15
  • Size: 10mm-50mm
  • Quantity: 50 tons

After receiving our high carbon silicon 65/15 products, customers are very satisfied with the quality and service of the products. Customers said that Anyang Xinlongsen Metallurgical Materials Co., Ltd. provides high quality products that meet their needs. At the same time, the customer also appreciated the professionalism and integrity shown by the company in the communication process. Customers express their willingness to establish a long-term relationship with us and recommend our products to their partners. This successful cooperation experience once again proves the competitiveness and advantages of Anyang Xinlong Sen Metallurgical Materials Co., Ltd. in the international market, and also lays a solid foundation for our future long-term cooperation with Vietnamese customers.

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