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Sale of Silicon Metal 553 to Thailand

Recently, Anyang Xinlongsen Metallurgical Materials Co., Ltd. has once again successfully reached a silicon metal purchasing co-operation with a customer from Indonesia, which once again highlights our competitive strength and professional ability in the international market. The following are the details of our communication with the customer, product introduction and customer evaluation:

The customer, from Indonesia, was very cautious about this purchase as he had previously purchased silicon metal products from other companies but the quality was not good. In order to allay the customer's concerns, we invited the customer to visit our factory for an on-site inspection. During the factory visit, we showed the customer our advanced production equipment, strict quality control process and high quality staff. Through the site visit, customers have a more intuitive understanding of our company's strength and production capacity, eliminating their doubts.

Sale of Silicon Metal 553 to Thailand

After a customer visit, we provide our Indonesian customers with high quality silicon metal products to meet their needs in the field of metal smelting and manufacturing. Our silicon metal products are manufactured through a sophisticated production process and stringent quality checks, featuring high purity, uniform particle size and stable chemical composition. We also provide customised packaging and flexible shipping solutions to ensure the safe delivery of our products to our customers.

Order Details:

  • Purchase details are as follows:
  • Specification :553
  • Size: 10-100 mm
  • Packing: In big bags
  • Quantity :100 tons
  • Cif Jakarta: USD xxxx /MT

After the transaction was completed, the customer expressed high appreciation for our company's products and services. Customers said that the quality of the products they bought from other companies before was not good, and they were very cautious about the choice of new partners. However, through the factory site visit and in-depth communication with us, they have full confidence in our company's professional ability and product quality.

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