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Sales Calsium Silicon For Thailand

Anyang Xinlongsen has successfully won an order for calcium silicon products from Thailand, which will bring stable revenue and business growth opportunities for the company. Indian calcium silica has a wide range of applications in the metallurgical and mining industries, and this order reflects Anyang Xinlongsen's excellent performance in product quality and service. We hope this order will bring more business opportunities and success stories for Anyang Xinlongsen!

Sales Silica Calcium For Thailand

Preliminary contact: Both sides through the Google inquiry email for preliminary contact, to understand each other's basic situation and needs.

Anyang Xinlongsen introduced the characteristics, uses and advantages of its calcium silicate products according to the enquiry provided by the buyer, and provided product samples or technical data. The customer puts forward specific requirements on the specifications, quality requirements, quantity and delivery time of the required calcium silicate, etc. Anyang Xinlongsen needs to confirm and evaluate these requirements. Subsequently, both parties confirm the detailed information of the finished products, Anyang Xinlongsen provides the product quotation according to the customer's requirements, and negotiates and consults on the price, payment terms, etc. to reach a mutually satisfactory cooperation agreement. After both parties reach an agreement, a formal sales contract will be signed to specify the product specifications, prices, payment terms, delivery methods and other contents.

Order Details:

  • Product name: calcium silicon
  • Ca≥30%,
  • Si≥ 58%,
  • size: 10-50mm
  • quantity: 50MT
  • liacking:big bag
  • Cif Bangkok: USD xxxx /MT

After completing the order, Anyang Xinlongsen promises to provide after-sales service, including quality assurance and technical support, to ensure customer satisfaction.

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