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Silicon Metal 3303 For Sales To Japan

The Japanese customer was developed on Google. We got in touch by writing a development letter, and added the WeChat of the company's purchasing manager, and quoted daily prices through WeChat.

The Japanese customer is an end user, producing Aluminum ingots. The customer needs silicon metal 3303. 40 tons per month.

Silicon Metal 3303

We follow our customers every day, give them feedback on the market, and analyze the price factors. The customer reflects that they pay attention to quality, we reply that our products have been tested by many institutions and have SGS certificates. They can rest assured that they can inspect the product after they receive it. If it is not qualified, our company will let them return it free of charge. Moreover, our company's products are sold to many companies in Japan, and they all reflect that the quality is good, so they can rest assured.

Customers finally buy our products.

  • Product requirements: silicon metal
  • Specification: Silicon Metal 3303
  • Size: 10-50 mm
  • Amount: 40 tons/month
  • Finally, let's introduce the specific application of silicon metal.
  • Used as reducing agent in smelting aluminum alloy.
  • Used as deoxidizer in steelmaking.
  • Adding silicon metal to the refractory can improve the density and prevent the penetration of slag iron to improve the product's high temperature resistance, wear resistance and oxidation resistance. Therefore, it is widely used in refractory materials such as steelmaking furnaces, kilns and kiln utensils.

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