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2020 silicon metal demand market analysis


Demand for alloys is growing steadily

In terms of alloys, metallic silicon is used in the production of silicon-aluminum alloys, copper-silicon alloys and silicon steels.

High si-al alloy made of silicon metal is a binary alloy composed of silicon and aluminum, which is a metal based thermal management material.The density and thermal expansion coefficient of the alloy material can be significantly reduced by increasing the silicon content.Moreover, it has good thermal conductivity, high specific strength and stiffness, good plating performance with gold, silver, copper, nickel, welding with the substrate, easy to precision machining and other superior performance.

Silicon steel has the characteristics of high permeability, low coercive force, high resistivity and so on, so the hysteresis loss and vortex casting loss are small, mainly used as magnetic materials in motors, transformers, electrical appliances and electrical instruments.

Photovoltaic demand and exports: rapid recovery

Photovoltaic : Photovoltaic installation capacity is expected to gradually resume growth in 2019. At the same time, due to the high cost of traditional power generation overseas, pv power generation can achieve parity Internet access faster than domestic power generation, so overseas Photovoltaic demand will increase rapidly.In 2019-2020, the growth rate of domestic photovoltaic installation reaches 20%, and the corresponding domestic photovoltaic consumption of silicon metal in 2019-2020 will reach 410,000 tons and 490,000 tons respectively.

Exports : metal silicon exports are expected to increase steadily.In 2018, China exported 800,000 tons of silicon metal. With the continuous growth of overseas photovoltaic demand in 2019, the overseas demand for organosilicate and alloy is growing steadily, while overseas silicon metal enterprises have no plans to expand production in a large scale, so the price of silicon metal in China still has obvious advantages.It is estimated that the export volume of silicon metal will increase significantly in 2019-2020, and it is estimated that the export volume of silicon metal will reach 880,000 tons and 970,000 tons respectively.

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