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Diary of the fight against 2019-nCoV: factory for the start of active adjustment
The new crown pneumonia epidemic is a major public health emergency with high transmission speed, wide infection range and great difficulty in prevention and control.Thinking over the painful experience, we quickly took measures to conscientiously and calmly prevent and control the epidemic.

One side is hard to support.Communicate, focus on solving problems.

At present, the spread of the epidemic has been further curbed, epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic progress has been further consolidated, victory is within sight and the people are greatly inspired.However, it is still a critical stage. It is urgent to prevent the outbreak from rebounding and prevent the epidemic from being imported from abroad.

In this context, our factory made positive adjustments in the process of resuming production:

1. The factory actively responds to the national call to make all preparations before returning to work.
2. All workers in the factory must strictly observe the system of wearing masks to work
3. All workers in the factory must have their temperature checked twice a day.
4. Assign personnel to carry out regular disinfection of the factory three times a day.