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Fastmarkets-Glad To Meet With You All


It's a great honor for us to participate in this Fastmarket conference in Hong Kong, China. This is Xinlongsen’s experience and learning. This is also a way for Xinlongsen to stand on a higher stage! I am also very lucky to have gathered together with elites in the industry from all over the world in this meeting. We exchanged views on the market of our respective countries, analyzed the current product advantages and disadvantages through the upstream and downstream of the product in recent years. Product sales jointly analyze and look forward to the market situation of the product for a long time in the future.

Fastmarkets-Glad To Meet With You All

It’s not surprising that a friend comes from afar. At the meeting, everyone contacted friends from far away. Everyone met at the agreed place. At the same time, during the exchanges with participants from different countries, we felt different corporate cultures and broadened our horizons. In addition to making new friends, we also met some old friends with whom we have communicated or cooperated online. Compared with communicating on the Internet, offline communication allows us to feel familier, which better enhances our relationship with others.

Fastmarkets-Glad To Meet With You All

This conference is not only a bridge between our company and companies from various countries, but also an opportunity and challenge for us. We will seize the opportunity to go further and shine in the ferroalloy industry in the future.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who had valuable exchanges with us at FASTMARKETS Hong Kong. No matter how difficult the road ahead is, we will walk through it hand in hand.


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