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Recent market situation of ferrosilicon
   Recently, the ferrosilicon market has entered a stable period from the early  hot period.Due to the slight decline in the price of ferrosilicon every day, the market is weak, customers' purchase interest is not high, and the wait and see mood is strong.Due to the upcoming Winter Olympics, as well as the winter environmental control, domestic steel bidding procurement volume decreased this month. That led to FeSi  slight drop in prices.

  At present, the overall market situation has been stable. If customers have purchase plan on ferrosilicon they should place orders as soon as possible. Now the order scheduling cycle is relatively long. The arrival of winter may cause difficulties in land transportation and hot shipping spaces due to the bad weather and climate. It is necessary to book shipping spaces in advance. According to the Chinese Lunar New Year, it is nearly a month and a half, so the time is still relatively tight.