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Recent Chinese Ferro silicon market price trend

From the middle of March to now, China's ferrosilicon market has experienced ups and downs, and the overall situation of the current price is on the rise.  There are four main factors affecting the price: 
1.Conflict between Russia and Ukraine
Russia also as a main major Ferro silicon origin countries, While the conflict happened between them, their supply ability have a great limited whatever on ocean delivery and sanctions by some counties , all influence its export business ,Thus lead to the demand for Ferrosilicon from China is increasing,The shortage of goods led to the rise in the market price .
2.SEMI-COKE raw material cost raising .
According to sources, The supply of semi-coke will shrink in the area of Shenmu owing to parts of factories will stop production due to the environment question .Semi-coke is a raw material of Ferro silicon ,Thus rising raw material prices led to the FeSi price climbing .

3.Chinese COVID-19 situation influence FeSi production and delivery
Recent month , Chinese COVID-19 has rebounded in China, Some places adopt quarantine policy caused difficulties on factory production and land delivery , Cargo shortage and land delivery cost raising .About this time COVID-19 situation ,We have confidence on our country , The current outbreak is preventable and controllable, We believe people’s life will recovery normal soon .

4.Futures market FeSi prices are climbing , This is also a factor influence spot cargo market price .

In conclusion , We predict the FeSi market price will not low in recent time owing to these more factors influence ,there may be have a continuous upward trend . Customs can place order according to their needs .
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