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Practical application of converter steelmaking: slag ball and floating plug

The technology of removing slag from steel

In Bessemer steelmaking, the technology of removing slag from steel is a benign production mode which can reduce the consumption of raw materials and increase the benefit of enterprises.
In order to reduce the flow of highly oxidized final slag from converter into ladle during the process of discharging steel, the slag is kept in the furnace as far as possible by some method.Reducing the amount of slag is an important aspect to improve the quality of molten steel.In the process of converter discharging, the slag holding operation can not only stabilize the liquefaction component of the steel, but also reduce the inclusions in the steel, improve the cleanliness of the molten steel, and reduce the sticky slag of the ladle, and extend the service life of the ladle.At the same time, it can also reduce the consumption of refractories and increase the service life of the refractories at the outlet of the converter, so as to provide good conditions for the refining of molten steel.

Slag ball slag blocking method

The principle of this method is that the density of slag ball is between steel and slag, and at the end of steel discharge, the steel outlet is blocked to prevent slag from flowing into the ladle.That is, when there is molten steel in the furnace, the slag ball should be floating so that the molten steel can flow out of the outlet.Once the molten steel is clean, the slag ball should sink to the bottom of the slag, the steel mouth will be blocked in time, and the position of the slag ball is not subject to the movement of slag.
Slag ball slag is the advantage of low cost, easy to operate.Its disadvantage is that the shooting rate is low, the slag ball usually drifters to the way to the steel mouth, the slag ball slag method slag effect is general, will reduce the rate of steel.

Slag stopper slag stopper method

The stopper is automatically and accurately reached by the car, because its lower part is the guide rod.Because of the grooves on the tuo body, the eddy current is suppressed.And when the slag stopper body blocks the steel outlet, the residual steel can still flow into the ladle through the groove, thus increasing the yield of molten steel.Its advantages are accurate placement, slag blocking success rate is high, so in the refining of high quality steel is widely used.