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Silicon Metal 2202 | Si≥90%, Lumps, Grains, Powders


We (XLS Metals) produce high-purity silicon metal with Si≥99.99%, selected raw materials, and advanced technology to minimize impurities in silicon metal.

Silicon Metal 2202

The Element of Silicon Metal

Silicon metal is made of silica and carbonaceous reducing agent in the ore furnace smelting products, and the main component of silicon element content is about 98%.

The Meaning of Silicon Metal 2202

Silicon metal 2202 contains silicon, iron, aluminum, calcium elements. The meaning of the numbers in silicon metal 2202 is that the iron content is 0.2%, the aluminum content is 0.2%, and the calcium content is 0.02%.

Production Process of Silicon Metal

First, raw materials for the production of silicon metal need to be prepared, they are quartz stone, petroleum coke or semi-coke, and steel scrap. The production of high-purity silicon metal requires a high level of raw materials. Since quartzite is the main source of Si in silicon metal, selected low grayscale silica as raw material for silicon metal.

At the same time, the steel chips are required not to be alloy steel, such as stainless steel, and are required to be low carbon steel, thus reducing the impurity content in silicon metal.

After preparing the raw materials, the electric arc furnace is heated and the raw materials are placed in sequence, during which the charging time and furnace temperature are strictly controlled. Charging time and furnace temperature are important factors affecting the purity of silicon metal. When the raw material is heated and reaches its melting point, a metal solution will be formed.

By reducing the impurities in the metal solution, a higher purity silicon metal solution will be obtained, and the solution will be introduced into a pre-prepared mold, and after waiting for cooling, the silicon metal will be processed into blocks, granules, powders, and other shapes and packaged for storage.

Specifications Of Silicon Metal

Grades Specifications
Chemical composition(%)
Si Fe Al Ca
Min Max
Silicon Metal 2202 99.0 0.2 0.2 0.02
Size:1-10mm, 3-8mm, 10-50mm, 10-100mm, 200 mesh, 325 mesh,

Application of Silicon Metal

It is used as a reducing agent when smelting aluminum alloy.

The high temperature fluidity of alloy can be improved by adding metal silicon in smelting alloy. Reduce shrinkage; Reduce the tendency of hot cracking; Improve wear resistance. The alloy castings cast with it have high impact resistance and good high-pressure densification, which can greatly improve the service life, and are often used in the production of auto parts and aerospace fields.

When adding metal silicon in steelmaking, it can play the role of deoxidizer.

Advantages Of XLS Metals’ Silicon Metal

  • The most advanced silicon metal production equipment and facilities.
  • We have a number of patents related to silicon metal technology.
  • Provide 7X24X365 online service.
  • Provide professional guidance on the use of silicon metal.
  • Provide free samples of all grades of silicon metal.
  • High purity silicon metal, Si≥99.99%.
  • Extremely fast delivery and short shipping period.

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