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What if ferrosilicon is expensive?


Semi ferrosilicon ,also also knows as high carbon silicon, high carbon ferrosilicon, high carbon silicon metal. There is three types in high carbon silicon , that is high carbon silicon lump, high carbon silicon briquette, high carbon silicon powder.
High carbon silicon can be used as deoxidizer in steelmaking industry, inoculation agent and spheroidizing agent in cast iron industry, and reducing agent in low carbon ferroalloy.It can also raise the temperature in the furnace.

The price of ferrosilicon is expensive, so, the cost of steel industry is very huge. Therefore , many steel factory will choose semi ferrosilicon. Because the price of high carbon ferrosilicon is very cheap.
Semi ferrosilicon/ high carbon ferrosilicon can achieve the same effect as ferrosilicon in steel smelting.
So if you think that the price of ferrosilicon is expensive. High carbon silicon is very suitable. It can reduce the amount of alloy added, reduce the cost of steelmaking, improve economic efficiency, and the quality is very stable.

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