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Export Of Silicon Metal To Japan

In international trade, the establishment of a solid cooperative relationship is an important guarantee for the long-term development of the company. Recently, Anyang Xinlongsen Metallurgical Materials Co., Ltd. was fortunate to conclude a successful cooperation with an important trading company from Japan, who decided to purchase our  silicon metal products. The success of this transaction is not only a commercial victory for our company, but also a full recognition of the quality of our products and service levels.

This Japanese trading company, based in Tokyo, specializes in sourcing Metal raw materials from around the world, including our product, Silicon Metal, which can be classified into different grades according to the content of iron, aluminum and calcium in silicon metal. Silicon metal 441 refers to iron content ≤0.4%, aluminum content ≤0.4%, calcium content ≤0.1%. We have a long history of working with them, and this transaction is the icing on the cake.

Knowing the high quality requirements of Japanese companies, all of our employees redouble their efforts to ensure that our products meet the highest standards. As a professional metallurgical materials company, our silicon metal products through precision production process, iron, aluminum, calcium content are controlled within the strict index range, to ensure the stability and reliability of products.

In order to give customers a more intuitive understanding of our production process and product quality, we actively invite Japanese customers to visit our factory. During the factory tour, we showed our customers our production line. Our production process has been strictly controlled, and every detail reflects our ultimate pursuit of product quality.

In addition to demonstrating our production capabilities, we also introduced our customers to our quality certification and production processes. Our products are certified to international standards and meet industry standards, which has earned us the trust of our customers. The customer highly appreciated the quality of our products and production process, and expressed their willingness to establish long-term cooperation with us.

Upon returning to Japan, the customer immediately contacted us and decided to purchase our silicon 441 metal. Specific order details are as follows:

  1. liroduct name: metal silicon
  2. Sliecification: 441
  3. Size: 10-100 mm
  4. liacking: In big bags
  5. Quantity: 20 tons
  6. CIF xxxx: usdxxxx /MT

In the end, we successfully reached a cooperation agreement, and the Japanese company decided to purchase our silicon metal products regularlly. We delivered the products on time according to the agreed delivery time, and the customer was very satisfied with the product quality and delivery service after receiving the goods.

This successful cooperation experience once again proves that our company's product quality and service level are competitive in the international market. We will continue to uphold the "integrity, professionalism, quality, service" business philosophy, and constantly improve product quality, provide customers with better products and services, and common development with customers, create a better future.

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