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Sale High Carbon Silicon 6517 To India

In international trade, winning customers' trust is one of the keys to success.

Anyang Xinlongsen is experienced in the production and sales of high carbon silicon, and can provide customers with professional product knowledge and technical support. We share with our customers the attributes and uses of our products as well as the advantages of our products, so that our customers can have a better understanding of our products and enhance their trust.

We have our own factory to ensure that we can customise the products they need according to the customer's requirements. Through communication, we understand that this Indian customer needs high carbon silicon 6517.

To ensure the quality of our products, we shared our production process and testing standards with our Indian customers. We showed our customers the various measures we take during the manufacturing process to ensure that our products meet the standards. By providing reliable product quality assurance, we have earned the trust of our customers.

Below are the exact specifications of the products:

  1. Product name: high carbon silicon6517
  2. Si≥65%
  3. C≥17%
  4. S≤0.05%
  5. P≤0.05%
  6. SiO2≤2.5%
  7. Size: 0-10mm
  8. Quantity: 50MT
  9. Packing:big bag
  10. Cif Mundra : USD xxxx /MT

Through the above ways, we have successfully won the trust of our Indian customers and facilitated the purchase transaction of High Carbon Silicon 6517. We not only focus on the immediate transaction, but also on establishing long-term and solid cooperative relationship with our customers. We proactively keep in touch with our customers, make regular return visits to understand their feedback and needs, and adjust our services and products as needed. By building long-term relationships, the trust between us and our customers deepens.

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