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Sale Of Ferro Silicon Inoculants To Japan

Ferrosilicon inoculant is widely used in the foundry industry, its main role is to promote the inoculation effect of iron. Our ferrosilicon inoculant has more good inoculation effect to prolong the product life and improve the one-time inspection pass rate of the product, which is widely welcomed by the manufacturers all over the world. The transaction with Japanese customers also fully demonstrates the world market's recognition of the quality of our products.

We successfully contacted our target customers through offline exhibitions and fully understood the strong demand of the Japanese user for ferrosilicon inoculants through exchanging opinions. In order to better serve our customers, our company has conducted a detailed market research report on the Japanese ferrosilicon market, comprehensively understanding its dynamic market demands, and continuously introducing product performance and tracking product quotations through online channels. At the same time, the customer also showed a strong willingness to purchase our product, ferrosilicon 75 #. After negotiation, we have specified a detailed solution for the Japanese client, providing the most competitive prices and flexible delivery conditions. The specific details are as follows:

  1. Product name: Ferro Silicon
  2. Si≥75%;
  3. Al≤1.5%;
  4. Ca≤1%;
  5. Mn≤0.5%;
  6. Cr≤0.5%;
  7. P≤0.04%;
  8. S≤0.02%;
  9. C≤0.2%;
  10. Size:1-5mm(90%min);
  11. Quantity:40MT;
  12. Packing: big bag;
  13. CIF OSAKA : USD xxxx /MT.

Finally, we reached an agreement with our Japanese client on all aspects of the product contract and signed a sales contract. To ensure the smooth progress of transactions, our company also provides technical support, logistics arrangements, and other services to Japanese customers. This cooperation with Japanese customers not only proves the superiority of our product quality, but also demonstrates our professionalism in customer service. Our company sincerely thanks the customers who have supported our products for a long time, and welcomes manufacturers from all over the world to come here for consultation. We look forward to our high-quality products serving customers from all over the world more.

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