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Sale of Silicon Carbon Alloy To Indonesia

High carbon silicon, also known as silicon carbon alloy. It is a by-product of metallic silicon, with the main elements being Si and C, and the remaining elements being S, P, and SiO ₂. It can replace silicon iron, silicon carbide, and carburizing agents, reduce the amount of deoxidizer, and achieve stable results.

The high carbon silicon produced by our company is used in the deoxidation and alloying process of converter smelting, with stable results. The chemical composition, mechanical properties, and internal control quality of the steel grade are superior to traditional processes.

Sale of Silicon Carbon Alloy To Indonesia

This time, we contacted a customer from Indonesia through online social media software. After timely follow-up, we learned that the other party has a demand for purchasing high carbon silicon. Therefore, we conducted sufficient market research on the market demand of the other party's company and the high carbon silicon market in Indonesia, including commonly used high carbon silicon models, prices, common trade terms, etc., in order to make a trade contract that is recognized by both parties. After multiple negotiations, our company has developed a specific product plan for our Indonesian clients, as follows:

Order Details:

  • Product name:Hing Carbon Silicon 6515
  • Si≥65%;
  • C≥15%;
  • P≤0.05%;
  • S≤0.05%;
  • Size:10-50mm(90%min);
  • Quantity:50MT;
  • Packing: big bag;
  • CIF Jarkata : USD xxxx /MT.
  • Finally, after a thorough exchange of views between both parties, an agreement was reached and a sales contract was signed. At the same time, to ensure the normal operation of trade, our company has provided sufficient support in logistics, insurance, technology, and other aspects. The formal signing of the contract with the Indonesian client not only affirms our company's product quality, but also affirms the comprehensive service provided by our employees. We also welcome inquiries from companies with high carbon silicon demand, and look forward to collaborating with friends from all over the world to provide high-quality products and services to more enterprises.

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