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Sales Of Silicon Metal 553 To India

According to the content of iron, aluminum and calcium in silicon metal, silicon metal can be divided into different grades. Silicon metal 553 means that the iron content is ≤0.5%, the aluminum content is ≤0.5% and the calcium content is ≤0.3%.

We developed this Indian customer from Facebook and heard from customer reviews that they were interested in silicon metal.

So we took it one step further on whatsapp. After communication, we learned that they are a trading company in India, and they have purchase demand of silicon metal every month, and they always purchase silicon metal from China. They are looking for a new supplier in the hope of getting a more competitive price while ensuring quality.

We have shown some product unpacking photos and third-party testing reports to customers for reference. In addition, we carefully explained to the customer the detailed process of our factory from production to delivery. We not only control the chemical composition strictly, the control of size is also no slack. Before the goods to the customer, we will carry out several tests on the goods to meet the requirements of customers. Due to the time conflict, although the customer could not visit the factory in person, we still got the recognition from the customer. After discussion with the their company, they are willing to give us a chance to make a trial order. Purchase details are as follows:

  1. Product name: Silicon Metal
  2. Sliecification :553
  3. Size: 10-100 mm
  4. liacking: In big bags
  5. Quantity :50 tons
  6. Cif Chennai: USD xxxx /MT

We delivered on time and provided a good after-sales service, the customer was very satisfied with us, so we established a long-term cooperative relationship now and in the future.

Anyang Xinlongsen Metallurgical Material Co., Ltd not only provide good services to the customer, but also delivery the high quality and stable quantity. If you have interests in our products, welcome click the contact information below.

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