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CaSi Cored Wire : Steelmaking Deoxidizing and Desulfurizing

CaSi core wire

Silicon calcium cored wire main function is as deoxidizing and desulfurizing agent in steelmaking process.The main raw material of silicon calcium cored wire is silicon calcium powder, which is used as the core material, and the outer skin is steel skin.
Silicon calcium cored wire is made by mixing calcium metal and iron powder in a certain proportion.In detail, It is composed of 25-35% calcium particles and the rest of the mixture of iron powder as the core material, made of strip steel as the cover.

Core-wrapping technology

Silicon calcium cored wire using core-wrapping technology: Through the wire feeder, made a specified number of cored wire pass through the slag layer at a certain speed and reach the bottom of the ladle filled with molten steel, as the core of the cored wire continues to melt there, the additives wrapped in it will be continuously released into the molten steel, the oxidation and burning of the alloying elements by the air and the slag can be avoided; and can also made the additive or its vapor and treated solution have large contact area and long action time.

The alloy cored wire used for steelmaking can purify molten steel, change the shape of inclusions, improve the castability and mechanical properties of molten steel, and significantly increase the yield of ferroalloys, reduce the cost of steelmaking, and have less environmental pollution, the economic effect is remarkable.