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Exports Ferroalloys Manufacturer

In the past two years, due to China's resource advantages and policy support, ferroalloy export prospects are promising. This is a statistical table of ferroalloy exports from 2013 to 2018.
We as ferroalloy material manufacturers, in response to the call of the country.Completed the transformation from ferroalloy production to production and trade integration. Under the increased credit guarantee fund of the state, we also insist on good quality. Among the products we produce, ferroalloy products include Ferro silicon,high carbon silicon,calcium silicon metal ,CaSi cored wire,silicon carbide,silicon slag,ferrosilicon briquette, inoculant and nodulizer. Noneferroalloy products include silicon metal,silica fume,Mg ingot.recarburizer. Refractory Material Product include floating plug,slag stopping ball,nozzle and quick change nozzle. Our products are mainly for the metallurgical industry, steel industry, smelting indutry, cast iron industry,forging industry and others. We look forward to your joining us to achieve win-win cooperation.

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