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The price of silicon metal is rising

This is silicon metal price statistics last year, you can see the soaring prices.

Demand for silicon metal

Silicon metal production belongs to the energy industry, single tons silicon metal production need to consume 12500 KWH.
Material of silica (sio2) is the basic raw material, adopts the petroleum coke, charcoal, low ash coal as reductant to produce metal silicon. Silicon metal consumption per ton of silica 3 tons, low ash coal is about 2 tons, at the same time, consumption of graphite electrode in 90-100 kg.
Silicon metal products in the form of silicon blocks, ground into silicon powder for use in downstream aluminum alloys, silicone and photovoltaic.

Silicon metal supply: winter price rises

1.China's xinjiang, yunnan restrict new capacity
On July 28, 2017, the xinjiang autonomous region issued a notice requiring xinjiang's industrial silicon capacity to be limited to 2 million tons.
On December 8, 2017, the yunnan provincial government issued a regulation requiring the province's industrial silicon capacity to be controlled under 1.3 million tons by 2020.

2.Environmental protection is stricter
To control environmental pollution, the state implements environmental protection policies. Eliminate backward production capacity, many coal electric silicon projects are suspended or postponed.

3.Electricity price rise
Winter in the south into the dry season, resulting in price rises.The price of silicon will rise along with the price of electricity.

And notice that,Silicon metal supply problem in Yunnan and Xinjiang is undoubtedly lead the market to the silicon metal field in Gansu.