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Ferrosilicon Briquette


Ferrosilicon briquette is an iron alloy product, its main components are iron and silicon. It is made by smelting iron ore and silicon ore at high temperatures and then injecting the alloy liquid into a briquette mold.

Ferrosilicon Briquette


The use of Ferrosilicon briquette can improve the furnace temperature, increase the flow of hot metal, effectively remove slag, improve the toughness and cutting ability of pig iron and castings.

In addition, the particle size is uniform, the melting speed is fast, and the fuel can be effectively saved. Ferrosilicon briquette price is low, the effect is good. It is the product that many customers will choose now.

Ferrosilicon briquette have a wide range of uses in various fields, which are described below:

1. Steel industry

Ferrosilicon briquette is one of the important raw materials of iron and steel smelting, mainly used in the preparation of various iron and steel alloys. Because the Ferrosilicon briquette has good oxidation resistance, it can play the role of stabilizing the smelting furnace in the process of smelting steel, so as to improve the production efficiency and quality of steel.

2. Foundry industry

Ferrosilicon briquette are also widely used in the casting industry and can be used as an excellent casting material. Ferrosilicon briquette casting performance is excellent, can be used to produce a variety of cast iron, cast steel, sand castings and other products.

3. Chemical industry

Ferrosilicon briquette is a very important raw material in the chemical industry, which can be used as a catalyst for the preparation of organosilicon compounds for the production of styrene, methyl methacrylate, methyl silicone oil and other chemical products.

4. Electronics industry

Ferrosilicon briquette also have a wide range of uses in the electronics industry and can be used as an important raw material for electronic components. It has good electrical and thermal conductivity and can be used to produce various small electronic components.

5. Other areas

Ferrosilicon briquettel can also be used in the preparation of alloy materials, smelting casting and other fields.


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