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Ferrosilicon price unstable factors
At present, several factors affect the price of ferrosilicon:
1.Coal prices once again encountered price limit control and some coal producing areas special inspection action, now the futures disk slightly return to rational, the disk fell.

2.he Russia-Ukraine war led to the sharp rise in global energy and raw material prices, and Russian ferrosilicon and Ukrainian silicon-manganese could not be shipped, so the price of ferrosilicon rose.
3.The epidemic is serious again, and the commencement of some terminal sites is limited,and the demand of steel mills is reduced. Insiders in this industry are slightly pessimistic

4. The epidemic has led to traffic restrictions and soaring oil prices, which have increasedinland transportation costs and reduced shipments, leading to higher prices.
At present, the price of ferrosilicon and other ferroalloys is basically affected by the abovefactors, and the price rises and falls, leading to a large number of buyers choose to continue to wait and see, purchasing is not very active.

Follow-up prices also need to pay close attention to the futures disk trend and the impact of policy information stimulus.