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The application of silicon carbide in foundry industry.
The use cost of silicon carbide is low, adding silicon carbide particles can prevent carbide precipitation, increase the amount of ferrite, reduce the white mouth, make the cast iron structure dense, significantly improve the processing performance and make the cutting surface smooth; Especially in smelting, increasing graphite core, increasing the number of nodular iron graphite ball, improving the graphite shape of gray iron and so on are very beneficial.
1. The application of silicon carbide can eliminate or reduce the tendency of whitemouth;
2. Silicon carbide application to avoid supercooling structure;
3. The application of silicon carbide to reduce the sensitivity of the wall thickness of cast iron, so that the difference of the microstructure at the thin and thick section of the casting is small, and the difference of hardness is small;
4. The application of silicon carbide is beneficial to the nucleation of eutectic group and increase the number of eutectic group;
5. The application of silicon carbide makes the morphology of graphite in cast iron is mainly fine and evenly distributed a-type graphite, so as to improve the mechanical properties of cast iron
6. Silicon carbide can reduce production cost and improve production efficiency.