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Nice To Meet You At Fastmarkets In Hongkong


Anyang Xinlongsen Metallurgical Material Co., Ltd had  attented Fastmarkets Ferroalloys Asian Conference 2024 on 26th to 28th, Feb, 2024 in HongKong, China.

Nice To Meet You At Fastmarkets In Hongkong

In this event, we not only met many old friends, but also met more new friends, many of these friends are our target customers, there are also many competitors, but in this meeting, we are good partners to talk about the market situation, in this conference, we exchanged a lot of market situation, kept up to date with market trends, broaden each other's horizons, it’s kind of competitive relationship and partnership; Meeting an old friend is a happy thing. Although we are old friends, due to the distance and other issue, we could only talk by phone and email before. Thanks to this meeting, we have an opportunity to communicate more face-to-face; At the same time, we also expanded many new customers, exchanging business cards, chatting happily, although we had never contacted each other before, in this conference, because of a warmth word of concern, a polite greeting on the lift, not only gave each other a deep impression, but also broke the previous communication on the phone and mail what often exists in the trust or not of the barriers, in the communication after the meeting is more pleasurable.

Nice To Meet You At Fastmarkets In Hongkong

Through this meeting, we gained a lot, gained a macro concept of the future direction of the global ferroalloy market, and gained a deeper understanding of how to meet the needs of new and old customers.

We believe that Anyang Xinlongsen will achieve more gratifying achievements on the road of ferroalloy in 2024. We will also provide professional services to ensure that each of our new and old customers will achieve 100% recognition and satisfaction of our company.


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