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The difference between micro silicon and silicon powder


Micro silicon and silicon powder are two very different products, even if the name is very close.

1. Micro silicon is the product that the smoke and dust generated in the production of ferroalloy is recovered after the physical capture process.However, the formation of silicon powder is completely a physical process. After grinding the silica mined from the quartz mine, a very fine powder is obtained, and its fineness is often measured in the unit of "mesh".

2. From the perspective of chemical composition, the main content of both is SiO2, and the content of micro silicon is usually between 80% and 97%, and there are other impurities such as CaO Na2O and Cl, which are relatively high.The purity of the silica powder is very high, usually more than 99%, with very few impurities.

In terms of application, micro silicon is mainly used in building materials industry to increase strength, while silicon powder is used in electronics and other industries.Of course, the two are interchangeable in some industries.

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