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Utilization value of silicon slag
Steel casting industry insiders know that some after refining silicon slag is left over from the original silicon ore, but also contains a lot of silicon, silicon slag as one of production enterprises large number of procurement of metallurgical materials, has an irreplaceable advantage, because the purpose of the silicon is different, there are many different kinds of silicon slag and slag can be roughly divided into industrial silicon, solar silicon slag, semiconductor silicon slag, etc.Silicon slag itself has high utilization value.

The primary USES of silicon slag can be used as deoxidizer and refining of industrial grade silicon, silicon slag as deoxidizer can reduce costs, increase profits, part of silicon slag containing silicon components can also be used for the purification of industrial silicon, silicon slag in the field of DNA is also a "star", because its price is low and contains silicon, manufacturers in the steel alloy raw materials steel product, more inclined to silicon slag and the desulfurization performance of silicon slag as well, mainly because of silicon slag containing large amounts of alkaline oxide, can react with sulfur dioxide generated sulfate, the slurry can be used for flue gas desulfurization.

Silicon slag can also be used for steel slag smelting pig iron, ordinary casting, etc., silicon slag can improve furnace temperature, increase the fluidity of molten iron, high quality slag discharge, increase the number, update the toughness and cutting ability of iterative casting.In the process of stainless steel smelting by electric furnace, silicon slag is used as reducing agent to upgrade the efficiency and output.