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Sales Ferrosilicon For South America

Anyang Xinlongsen established initial contact with a South American customer purchasing silicon metal by attending industry trade shows and online platforms. Both sides communicated several times by email and phone to understand each other's needs and product information, and arranged a face-to-face video conference.

Sales Ferrosilicon For South America

We introduced the features and advantages of our silicon metal products to our South American silicon metal customers. They emphasised the high purity, stability and wide applicability of the products, and provided detailed technical information and product samples for the buyers' reference.

Order Details:

  • Silicon metal 553
  • Size: 10-100mm
  • Packing:big bag
  • Quantity:100MT
  • CIF Savannah:USD xxxx /MT

South American silicon-metal buyers expressed high praise for Anyang Xinlongsen's product quality and service. They believe that Anyang Xinlongsen's silicon metal is of excellent quality, meets their production needs, and excels in delivery time and after-sales service. The buyers expressed their willingness to establish a long-term relationship with Anyang Xinlongsen and recommend its products to other potential customers.

This case shows that Anyang Xinlongsen has successfully cooperated with the South American silicon metal buyer through active market expansion and high-quality products and services, and gained high recognition and praise from the buyer.

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