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High Purity Ferrosilicon | Si ≥ 75%


As steelmaking and casting processes continue to improve, the requirements for Ferrosilicon purity are becoming increasingly high. High purity ferrosilicon, which has high silicon content, low impurities, and high purity, can play a better role in steelmaking and casting processes.

High Purity Ferrosilicon

What Is High Purity Ferrosilicon?

High purity ferrosilicon is a type of ferrosilicon with Si ≥ 75%. This is achieved through more advanced production processes that effectively reduce impurity elements. Examples of high purity ferrosilicon include low aluminum ferrosilicon and low titanium ferrosilicon. Due to its high silicon content and low impurity levels, high purity ferrosilicon plays an important role in steelmaking and casting processes, significantly improving the quality of steel and castings.

The production process of high purity ferrosilicon

To produce high purity ferrosilicon, ferrosilicon manufacturers typically select the appropriate raw materials and use the external chlorine blowing refining method to produce high purity ferrosilicon and low carbon ferrosilicon. Top-blowing oxygen is also widely used in the production of high purity ferrosilicon, particularly in the production of low-alumina ferrosilicon. Hot flush slag washing is another important production process used to effectively reduce the impurity content in ferrosilicon and improve its purity.

Advantages of XLS Metals High Purity Ferrosilicon

1. High Purity: XLS Metals' high purity ferrosilicon has a Si content of ≥ 75% and has undergone numerous laboratory tests to reduce trace elements such as Al, S, P, and C. This high purity ferrosilicon shows excellent results in steelmaking and casting, reducing the oxide content and improving the quality of steel and castings.

2. Good Stability: High purity ferrosilicon is chemically stable and does not easily react with other elements, making the quality of the steel and castings produced very stable.

3. Excellent Processability: XLS Metals' high purity ferrosilicon has excellent processability and can be processed by melting and casting, making it useful in the steelmaking and foundry industries for a variety of applications.

4. High Temperature Resistance: High purity ferrosilicon is very resistant to high temperatures and can maintain stability in high temperature environments, making it a popular choice for steelmaking, foundry, chemical, and electronic applications.

About XLS Metals

XLS Metals (Anyang Xinlongsen Metallurgical Material Co,.Ltd) is a professional manufacturer of ferroalloys. Through years of development, the company has become a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D and production. XLS Metals' high purity ferrosilicon products are exported worldwide and are widely praised in the industry for their reliable quality and considerate service.


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