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Ferro Silicon 65 | Si ≥ 65% Lump, Grain, Powder


Ferro Silicon 65 is an alloy of silicon and iron with Si≥65%, which is widely used in steel making, foundry, and metallurgical industries. XLS Metals supplies Ferro Silicon 65 in the sizes of 0-3mm, 0-10mm, 10-50mm, and 10mm-100mm, which can be processed into different sizes of lumps, powders and granules according to customers' requirements.

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What Is Ferro Silicon 65?

Si ≥ 65% in ferro silicon 65 is a high-purity type of Ferro silicon. Besides Si, Fe, Al, Ca, P, S, and C are also contained in Ferro Silicon 65. So, the main element in Ferro Silicon 65, is used to measure the quality of Ferro Silicon 65, while other elements are ignored due to their low content, but there are still many special processes that have special requirements for these trace elements. For example, in the production process of silicon steel, bearing steel, and low carbon steel, the requirements for their trace elements are more stringent, and ferro silicon manufacturers need to produce according to the user's requirements. In the process of producing ferro silicon 65, several adjustments are made to its production process and elemental content.

Specifications Of Ferro Silicon 65


Chemical composition(%)









Ferro Silicon 65


2 2 0.04 0.02 0.2

Applications of Ferro Silicon 65

  • Ferro silicon 65 can be used in the refining process of different steel grades with applications for deoxidation. Learn more about the ferro silicon can be used as a deoxidizer.
  • For casting, ferro silicon 65 has the application of promoting the gestation effect and improving graphite distribution morphology.
  • Processed ferro silicon 65 can be used as mineral processing material.
  • Ferro silicon 65 can be used as an oxidizer on the surface of welding rods.
  • In metallurgy, ferro silicon 65 is a good reducing agent.

Frequently Asked Questions By Users of Ferro Silicon 65:

Ferro Silicon 65 Of XLS Metals

XLS Metals( Anyang Xinlongsen Metallurgical Material Co.,ltd) has 20 years experience in producing Ferro silicon in China .Good quality, Stable quantity , make us get more and more order from local and abroad market .

Ferro silicon is a gray color ferroalloy product which is made of iron and silicon. Common particle sizes of ferro silicon 65 are 0-3mm, 10-60mm, 10-100mm, etc. We are manufacturers of ferro silicon and can be customized according to user requirements.

What Are the Payment Options for Purchasing Ferro Silicon 65

We Support T/T, L/C. Please Contact Our online customer service For Details.

Do You Provide Samples of Ferro Silicon 65?

We provide free samples for those who are interested in buying Ferro Silicon 65, you can contact our online customer service for details.

Transport of Ferro Silicon 65

We often transport by road and sea transportation. Other ways you can consult our customer service.

Delivery date of ferro silicon 65

7-10 days for order quantity lower than 100 tons; For more quantity, usually 15-25 days.


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