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Particle Sizes Of Ferrosilicon


Ferrosilicon is a ferroalloy product composed mainly of the elements Si and Fe. Despite of its wide range of applications, it is most commonly seen in foundry industries like steelmaking. The ferrosilicon used in steelmaking typically contains Si of 72% to 75%. Low aluminum ferrosilicon and low titanium ferrosilicon are used during the steelmaking.

Particle Sizes Of Ferrosilicon

Common Particle Sizes Of Ferrosilicon For Steelmaking

Ferrosilicon is typically block-sized, with the size ranging from 10mm to 60mm. The amount of ferrosilicon longer than 50mm and less than 10mm should not take up over 5% of the total weight. The use of ton packages is required.

Common Particle Sizes Of Ferrosilicon For Casting

Ferrosilicon used in casting must have low sulfur and low nitrogen to reduce the incidence of white mouth and honeycomb holes in castings. The particle size of common ferrosilicon for casting is typically less than 100mm, with a silicon deviation of no more than 3% and a particle size of 30mm to 70mm. The quantity of less than 20mm x 20mm should not exceed 2% of the total quantity. The common 75% ferrosilicon grains for casting require Si to be between 74.5% and 80%, S < 0.02%, and P < 0.035.

Since the particle size requirements for ferrosilicon vary based on the process, each manufacturer needs to perform rigorous calculations to determine the required particle size when purchasing ferrosilicon. They must then inform the ferrosilicon manufacturer of the results to ensure the correct particle size of ferrosilicon products is purchased.


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