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Uses Of Ferrosilicon | 3 Important Applications Of Ferrosilicon


Ferrosilicon is a consumable metallurgical material, and a total of 5,915,400 tons of ferrosilicon was produced globally in 2022, of which, according to the survey, 75.3% was used in the steelmaking industry and 13.7% in foundry. Ferrosilicon is used in several applications such as deoxidizing, gestation and refining.

Ferrosilicon Is Used In Deoxygenation

Ferrosilicon 75 is a high purity ferrosilicon with Si ≥ 75% and a grade of ferrosilicon that is often used in deoxidizing applications. Especially with its high purity of internal silicon element, it is easy to oxidize with oxygen to produce silicon dioxide, thus it is widely used in deoxidation. The advantages of ferrosilicon in deoxidizing include high efficiency, stable chemical reaction, low cost and easy storage.

Ferrosilicon Is Used As A Gestation Promoter

As the casting in the early stage of the need for effective breeding iron, so as to generate a large number of eutectic pellets, and ferrosilicon contains a large number of silicon elements, which can effectively enhance the breeding effect of iron, and therefore is widely used in breeding promoter. Sulfur, phosphorus and nitrogen elements will seriously affect the quality of castings, so that the castings produce white mouth tendency and cracks, and therefore is used in the gestation promoter of ferrosilicon on the harmful elements of the index of the control is very strict, low-sulfur, low-nitrogen ferrosilicon, and the particle size of ferrosilicon in the 40mm ~ 50mm is the ideal gestation promoter.

Ferrosilicon Is Used In Refining

As ferrosilicon contains not only silicon, but also other elements, these elements can effectively improve the form of impurities, so that it is easy for staff to clean up, so it is widely used in refining to improve the quality of products. In the production process of castings, ferrosilicon can effectively promote the fluidity of the iron, a greater avoidance of impurities blocking the outlet, to ensure the normal production of castings.

3 Important Applications Of Ferrosilicon

Application Of Ferrosilicon In Steelmaking

According to statistics, about 75.3% of the world's annual ferrosilicon is used in steelmaking, and its main application is to deoxidize steel, thus effectively reducing the amount of oxides in the steel and improving the purity of the steel. Ferrosilicon is an important deoxidizing material in the production of high-quality steels such as silicon steel, bearing steel and high-carbon steel.

Application Of Ferrosilicon In Casting

Ferrosilicon for casting must be characterized by low sulfur and low nitrogen. When used, ferrosilicon is crushed and processed into 10mm~50mm particles, thus speeding up its melting speed in iron water. When ferrosilicon is melted in iron water, since silicon is a good accelerator, it can greatly increase the number of pellets, enhance the density of castings and improve all aspects of casting performance. Ferrosilicon is widely used in the production of gray cast iron, graphite cast iron and other castings.

Application Of Ferrosilicon Powder For Mineral Processing

After grinding and water atomization, ferrosilicon can be processed into powder form, because ferrosilicon is slightly magnetic, so it is widely used in the field of mineral processing. The use of flotation hair, the need to screen the copper ore, diamond ore and chrome ore to the ferrosilicon powder solution, low density will float on the surface, high density will sink to the bottom, so as to play an effective role in screening. Due to the slightly magnetic properties of ferrosilicon powder, it is easy to be recycled after beneficiation for secondary use, which greatly reduces the cost of beneficiation, and is an important material for beneficiation.

XLS Metals Ferrosilicon Uses And Applications

XLS Metals is a professional ferrosilicon manufacturer, equipped with an independent R&D laboratory, which has obtained several patented technologies in the process of R&D and production of ferrosilicon over the years. Our ferrosilicon 75%, 72% and 65% are widely used in deoxidizing, pregnant, refining and purifying, and are mainly used in steelmaking, foundry, metallurgy, mineral processing and silicon products. XLS Metals is well known by its customers for its strict quality control and best pre and after sales service, customized purchasing plans, and has several freight forwarding partners and a global customer base, providing reliable quality and excellent service to ferrosilicon customers worldwide.


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