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Ferro Silicon for Sale to Pakistan

The Pakistani customer was developed on LinkedIn and contacted by email. He's a trader and needed Ferro silicon. The customer's enquiry is very simple, just say "please send me more details about your company and the product". The email box also contains customers' WhatsApp and Line.

Ferro Silicon for Sale to Pakistan

I added the customer's WhatsApp and sent the introduction of the company and ferro silicon to the customer. The customer is very interested and sent 2-3 kinds of product inquiry. For each product price quoted, I sent the corresponding detailed pictures to the customer, with our packaging pictures attached.

At first, he was worried about the quality and asked how many quality standards we had, but I told him that there was only one - good quality, and also explained to the customer how we control the quality of the product before and after production and testing equipment. After hearing this, the customer was more assured and said that he would place an order with us after he got the customer's order.

During the period, we keep updating the price for the customer, but we do not urge the customer, and finally the customer placed an order with us after taking the order. Customers ordered products as follows.

Order Details:

  • Product requirements: Ferro Silicon 75
  • Specification: Si ≥ 75
  • Al: 2.0%max
  • Size: 10mm-50 mm
  • Amount: 50 tons

We deliver goods on time and update logistics for our customers in real time. The customer reported that the buyer was satisfied after receiving the goods. Customers have also established long-term cooperative relations with our company.

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