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Sales Of Ferrosilicon To Vietnam

The Vietnamese customer contacted our company through LinkedIn. The customers are ferro alloy traders in Vietnam. And they said they mainly need to buy ferro silicon.

Sales Of Ferrosilicon To Vietnam

After knowing the customer's demand, we positioned the detailed information required by the customer, mainly including how many tons the customer needs, which port is it, and what are the requirements of the payment method.

Vietnamese customers also asked if we had the ability to produce large quantities of ferro silicon in a short period of time, because they need to buy ferro silicon urgently.

We replied that our company (XLS Metals) has two 22,500 mineral heat furnaces, each of which can produce 50-60 tons of ferro silicon per day, so there is no need to worry about the output.

The customers finally decided to buy our company's products after product inspection.

The Vietnamese customers said they want to buy 500 tons of ferro silicon, 200 tons each of ferro silicon72 and ferro silicon65.

Our company (XLS Metals) sends out the goods required by customers on time, and tracks the status of customers' receiving goods and their feelings of use.

Vietnamese customers said our company is trustworthy and our service is good. The customer's praise makes us feel warm, and we are happy to serve our customers.

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